PEER TO PEER LENDING Let your hard earned money be right for you. Peer to Peer Lending review – Squirrel

PEER TO PEER LENDING Let your hard earned money be right for you. Peer to Peer Lending review – Squirrel

My experience – Platform features

We don’t usage auto-invest or auto-withdraw, since it’s easy adequate to complete these plain things manually. But each one of these features could make things super convenient – you could handle your Squirrel opportunities and never having to get on the working platform at all!

The Secondary is thought by me Market is fantastic. I don’t plan to ever utilize it, however it is a safety that is extra that allows you to receive from your investment sooner. It’s one reason why Squirrel happens to be certainly one of my biggest assets.

6. Other Speaking Points

1 12 months loan rollover

Squirrel’s 1 12 months loans are interest just, meaning the debtor just makes interest repayments through the entire one year term of this loan. The loan rolls over into a 5 year amortising loan (where the borrower pays interest + principal) at a rate of 8%, assuming the loan hasn’t already been paid off or refinanced into a mortgage after a year.

In the event that you want to have your loan rolled over if you’ve invested in a 1 year loan, near the end of the term Squirrel will email you asking. In the event that you don’t want to buy rolled over, Squirrel will actually sell the mortgage in the Secondary Market for you personally (waiving the 1% Secondary Market cost).

Loan accessibility

We talked about low loan supply both in my Harmoney and Lending Crowd reviews and Squirrel is not any various. Loan accessibility on Squirrel is mainly steady, but can actually draw on occasion. There are occasions when there will be too numerous investors and insufficient loans, to help you be waiting times and months for the investment requests to be matched. This is often difficult while you don’t make interest on cash waiting become matched.

Retail Investors

Loans on Squirrel are currently 100% funded by retail investors. Squirrel and wholesale investors is only going to spend money on loans if you can find maybe perhaps not sufficient retail investors to fill interest in loans, a problem which will be unlikely at this time as a result of the supply that is huge of’ money.

Platform dependability

The working platform was really reliable apart from a few times where I’ve experienced minor glitches, such as for instance balances perhaps not turning up precisely. Squirrel have now been helpful and friendly every right time I’ve reported these problems in their mind, quickly resolving any dilemmas.


Squirrel provides lower returns, but at a diminished danger ( as a result of the Reserve Fund), and far less effort needed, when compared with other P2P Lending platforms. It is very nearly a hybrid between P2P Lending and a phrase deposit, but nonetheless manages to produce a prospective return very nearly three times higher than a phrase deposit. Their Secondary Market additionally offers a safety that is additional for investors.

These reasons are why Squirrel was the very best P2P Lending platform for me personally. While I’ve stopped spending with Harmoney and Lending Crowd, we want to keep my Squirrel investment ongoing for the great low-to-zero maintenance returns that roll in most month. I recently want that they had better loan volumes to help make reinvesting my cash easier (as cash from loan repayments does develop quite fast).

We don’t think Squirrel is for everybody else though. It is maybe perhaps not perfect for those investing lower amounts, neither is it for those of you planning to undertake more risk to obtain greater possible returns, and the ones who desire more control of things such as danger grades. Finally, may possibly not end up being the simplest investment to know (so ideally my review made sense!), and there are lots of nuances into the platform that I didn’t protect in this review.

  • The Reserve Fund provides a layer that is strong of against loan defaults
  • The platform just takes quality borrowers
  • It’s more hands off when compared with other platforms that are p2P
  • The Secondary Market lets you get your investment away early
  • Your returns that are potential less than other P2P Lending platforms
  • A high minimum investment is required ($500 in each loan)
  • Loan accessibility is frustratingly low on occasion
  • The working platform may be hard to comprehend for brand new investors
  • Confused? Browse the video that is below the way the Squirrel P2P Lending platform works:

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